Burton Lysecki Books, 527 Osborne Street

Store Hours:

Tuesday to Saturday:   11 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Sunday: noon to 5 p.m.
Closed Mondays and holidays.

As always, plenty of free parking in front, at the sides, and out back.

Forty years ago, Burton Lysecki was a young university graduate looking about for something to do. Jobs were scarce back then and working in a large company held little appeal for this restless young man. That’s a familiar and timeless story—a classic you might say. All Burton had was a degree in philosophy, a little bit of cash from an insurance settlement and an eye for an interesting possibility, in this case, a modest paperback bookshop on Osborne Street that he passed by every day on his way home.

The shop was tiny and the space crowded with paperbacks and comics. It was so cramped that Burton had to sit on a radiator behind the counter. But he soon discovered that he had a knack for buying and selling books. He could even make a living at it!

Forty years later, the business has grown exponentially. It is no longer at the original location—Burton outgrew those digs early on. We are now at larger premises a few blocks to the north. We have chairs to sit on and a few other comforts. We still have paperbacks (maybe even the original paperbacks!) but the stock has evolved to include a full range of classic titles—the classics in every subject, beautifully bound books for the collector, the scholar, and the curious reader of fine books.

Any regrets? None at all.

Burton Lysecki Books
527 Osborne Street
Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
R3L 2B2

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